Reconditioning Equipment Improves Profitability

Reconditioning Equipment Improves Profitability

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With the many challenges manufacturers face today, there is a sure way to help your bottom line: reconditioning equipment. From Tier One OEMs to machine chops, are replacing equipment is undoubtedly one of the largest operational expenses. Purchasing new equipment can be cost prohibitive, especially in uncertain times for the industrial market. However, Equipment that performs a top efficiency is critical to performance, profitability, and safety. Reconditioning or refurbishing current equipment or machinery is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. The cost of having equipment reconditioned can be as low as 50% of buying new equipment. Plus, reconditioned equipment offers the same performance as new.

There are other benefits of reconditioning machinery. First, you eliminate the time and cost of training operators on a new machine. Next, because you know what to expect from your current equipment, there is no risk it will not meet production goals or standards. Finally, the reconditioned equipment is safer to operate and has an improved appearance.

Keep in mind that reconditioned equipment is not used equipment. You purchase used equipment to replace existing machinery in lieu of reconditioning. Having current equipment reconditioned fixes the effects of the wear and tear, returning it to “like new” condition. When looking for a supplier to recondition your equipment, be certain you have checked they are experienced with a proven track record of reliability and quality.

Check that the supplier is fully approved for blasting and painting with up-to-date Air Permits. The supplier should have a Quality Assurance and Quality Control process in place to assure you get what is promised. Additionally, a qualified supplier will have level one and two NACE Inspectors on staff if required for your project. Enviro-Tech Coatings offers all these assurances, as well as full reconditioning services, such as coating, painting, and metal finishing.

You can rely on Enviro-Tech Coatings to recondition your equipment with the top quality and service to meet your exact requirements. Please contact us at 989-495-0000 or visit

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