What You Need to Know About Metal Finishes

What You Need to Know About Metal Finishes

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There are a wide variety of metal finishing techniques that can produce strong, high-quality metallic finishes. With several choices to select from, it is essential to understand the different finishes. Let’s review some of the most common metal finishing processes.

Directional Metal Finishes

Directional metal finishes are often known as brushed or architectural finishes. These finishes are used for stainless steel products because it produces a uniform, high-sheen finish. It removes edges and surface flaws leaving a distinct and attractive finish. Generally, it is best to use a wet metal polishing and finishing machine with a 120-180 grit belt to polish workpieces, finishing with an 80-120 grit abrasive belt or pad.

Non-Directional Metal Finishes

Non-directional metal finishes leave a consistent, non-directional pattern to polish metal parts in preparation for additional surface treatment. It is useful for concealing scratches because of the non-directional pattern it produces. An orbital sander with fine, medium, or coarse-grade sanding discs are most often used in non-directional metal finishes. To increase efficiency, consider employing an automatic metal finishing machine because it can finish both sides of a workpiece in a single pass.

Mirror-Polish Finishes

Mirror-polish finishes result in a highly polished and reflective appearance. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing appearance, mirror-polish finishing increases resistance to corrosive damage removing imperfections. The most efficient way to produce a mirror-finish is to use a wet or dry metal finishing machine to automatically apply abrasives to achieve the intended finish.

Mill Finishes

Mill or matte finishing produces a smooth, but dull surface finish. An inexpensive finishing process it is used when a part’s appearance is not critical. Often mill finishes smooth a part in preparation for further finishing or processing. In most cases, mill metal finishes are a result of processing parts through a rolling mill or drawing process using dies and rolls to remove pitting and roughness. The resulting smooth finish is now ready to go through other surface processing to complete the project.

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