Ways Metal Finishing Improves the Bottom Line

Ways Metal Finishing Improves the Bottom Line

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When you’ve had equipment undergo metal finishing, it’s easy to see that its appearance has improved significantly. However, that is just the obvious benefit of the metal finishing process. It can also make your production process more efficient. Here’s how:

Less Cleaning

Because the unfinished surfaces of metal equipment are rough, maintenance can become lengthy and complicated. This factor can increase cleaning times and have a negative impact on productivity. But with metal finishing, you can smooth the surface machines and equipment to significantly reduce dirt and debris from adhering to the metal, even at the microscopic level. This benefit results in the reduction of the amount of time to clean metal equipment. Additionally, equipment that has undergone the process of metal finishing is easy to clean by power-washing or polishing. Unfinished metal machines require chemicals that can cause metal degradation. With metal finishing, you no longer need harmful chemicals for cleaning. 

Better Corrosion Resistance

It’s a fact that untreated metal equipment deteriorates more rapidly than ones that undergo metal finishing. Because a finished metal product has a smooth surface, there is less of a friction coefficient, reducing friction and torque. This advantage is critical to maintaining production levels in processes that are constantly under stress, causing wear to parts. The metal finishing process improves abrasion and corrosion resistance in metal products. This benefit of metal finishing increases the lifespan of equipment and machinery.

Improve Workplace Safety

The abrasive surface of unfinished metal machines and equipment can present a safety risk to workers. Gloves, clothing, and skin can be caught on sharp edges, resulting in strain or injury. Also, the chemicals necessary to clean unfinished metal can irritate the skin if workers do not take the proper precautions. And as every manufacturer knows, workplace injuries can adversely affect the bottom line.

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