ETC is blended with coating, metal finishing, and painting knowledge, craftsmanship and care

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing we helped a customer overcome a coating, metal finishing, and painting challenge. We approach each project with the focus of providing a solution to each customer’s specific requirements. The following are some examples of the craftsmanship, care, and dedication we put into our projects:


Customer Challenge

Our client was experiencing substantial growth in sales and wanted to take advantage of filling the market with their product. They were experiencing the issue of not being able to hire and keep the additional painting staff required to meet the new workload.

ETC Solution

To meet the demand, the customer had to contract out parts or have a contractor come to their facility to assist with paint production. After reviewing the options with us, both parties agreed the best plan was to have an ETC team start another shift and to provide the painting services for the parts at their facility. This approach allowed them to meet the demand and eliminate the additional cost of shipping parts.


The ETC team started performing the painting services in June of 2017 and completed the project in December of that year. We were able to help our customer through peak workloads until schedules normalized.


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