Shot Blasting Benefits

Shot Blasting Benefits

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Shot blasting is a metal cleaning and preparation process that uses grit or pellets to clean, strengthen, or polish the metal. When employing shot blasting, either wheel blasting or air blasting can be used. Shot blast machinery includes tumble blasters for small parts and for larger parts, roller tables, monorail styles, and mesh belts are options. Whichever method you choose, the benefits of shot blasting include:

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Shot blasting is faster and more effective than most metal cleaning methods especially when removing rust and existing paint. Because of this advantage, a shot blast machine is more cost-effective than other methods. It is a very cost efficient methods when compared to air blast or sand blast. The efficiency associated with shot blasting lowers labor costs, steel grit is a less expensive material, and water or compressed air costs are far less. Additionally, grit and shot can also be reused for multiple projects.

Environmentally Responsible

Because shot blasting uses no water and very little compressed air it offers significant environmental benefits. The shot blast method only uses shot or grit pellets and does not employ any harsh chemicals, eliminating any chance of contaminating the surrounding area.

Multiple Uses

The shot blast process is applicable for a range of sizes and shapes metal surfaces. In addition, shot blast machinery can be used to clean a several types of contaminants from a variety of metal surfaces of a variety by changing the type or size of the grit used in the machine.

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