Industrial Finishing Trends for 2021

Industrial Finishing Trends for 2021

Industrial Finishing Trends for 2021

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It is essential that surfaces like stainless steel or ductile iron receive a coating to protect against corrosion and abrasive substances, as well as producing an attractive finishing.

In the last few years, the metal coating industry has grown exponentially. The global powder market alone currently stands at approximately $12.48 billion per year. The following are several trends in 2021 for industrial finishing.

Global Markets and Small Businesses Benefit

Industrial finishing is seen in a wide variety of markets. These include heavy equipment, automobiles, trains, airplanes, boats, and industrial equipment. According to, we can expect high growth in marine, power generation, and the gas and oil industries. Additional markets, such as pharma and health care, are moving towards metal coatings and industrial finishing because of reduced maintenance costs. Three emerging trends are driving the global coating pre-treatment market:

1. Increasing use of zirconium: Phosphates are being phased out and being replaced with zirconium due to its environment-friendly features.

2. Demand for sol-gel technology coatings: Using this coating on aluminum and hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel will significantly impact the growth in this market.

3. Mergers and acquisitions: The pandemic may have put many things on hold, but there are indications leading manufacturers will be moving forward on customized technology for industrial finishing treatments. These key market players, such as BASF and PPG industries, are looking to increase their market shares through ongoing mergers.

Metal Finishing Chemicals Market

The global metal finishing chemicals market is on target to reach $11.21 billion by 2021. This market is driven by increasing usage in polishing processes and electroplating. The processes provide durability, wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance. Industries driving this growth include automotive, biopharmaceutical, and the increasing demand for durable and wear-resistant products.

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