Metal Surface Finishing Techniques: Which is Best for You?

Metal Surface Finishing Techniques: Which is Best for You?

Metal Surface Finishing Techniques: Which is Best for You?

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Any manufacturing that uses metal will want a supplier that offers high-quality painting, coating, metal cleaning, and finishing services. Metal finishing is a process where a thin coating or layer is applied to a metal object’s surface to improve its durability and appearance. As with most industrial applications, different types of metal finishing exist. Choosing the one right for you depends on the purpose. Whatever the objective, make sure to focus on quality. Working with less-qualified businesses may increase your costs. Products may not meet your standards nor those of your customers. Take a closer look at metal surface finishing techniques to help decide which is best for you.

Metal Finishing

Metal finishing services include glass beads, walnut shells, and ceramic media finished surfaces. These are metal finishing techniques for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel fabrications as well as parts and equipment for the food and beverage industries. The process helps remove imperfections from the surface of any object and restore it to its original sheen.


For this metal surface finishing technique, recyclable steel grit and shot facilities are used to blast steel casting, piping and metal fabrications, raw parts, and other equipment. Blasting is suitable for objects that don’t require a glossy texture or appearance but still need to be clean.

Powder Coating

A high-quality, protective, and decorative coating can be applied on metals for various industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Powder coating is one of many metal surface finishing techniques and a high-quality shop will have a full line of powder coating colors and equipment. This should include an oven, chemical pre-treatment, and solvent paint systems.


A well-placed metal finishing facility should also be able to offer you painting capabilities. These would include epoxy and fusion bonded epoxies, urethane, zinc, specialty coatings and linings, and rustproofing. Original equipment manufacturers or OEMs can be supplied with a wide range of finished parts and equipment, including casting, tanks, metal parts, pipe and fittings, and metal fabrications.

The good news here is that all of these metal surface finishing techniques are available through Enviro Tech Coatings. Since opening our doors in 2000, we have been laser-focused on delivering painting and coating services that far exceed industry standards. Our team of experts consistently provides exceptional metal surface finishing techniques and quality painting to meet your requirements. We maintain Air Permits and are a fully approved site for blasting and painting. If you would like a bid on a project, please contact us at 989-495-0000 or visit

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