Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

Improving Manufacturing Efficiency

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All manufacturers have the goal of streamlining processes to save time and costs while improving productivity and profitability. Focusing on efficient manufacturing can increase production rate, as well as minimizing environmental impact. The following are areas to evaluate your processes.

Cellular Manufacturing

The practice of Cellular Manufacturing groups similar tasks to improve manufacturing efficiency. It focuses your employees and machines on a single task, enhancing consistency and quality, while decreasing downtime.

Employee Training

Workers should be trained on multiple processes to be able to step in as substitutes, troubleshooters, and extra labor when needed. Additionally, training increases the knowledge of processes and helps them to be more efficient and productive.

Equipment Downtime

Prioritizing preventive maintenance ensures fewer equipment failures. When you schedule regular maintenance, you keep equipment and machines working at optimal levels, reducing downtime and on-time delivery issues.

Waste Reduction

Material waste is one of the most expensive types of waste in manufacturing. A primary principle in efficient manufacturing is reducing waste. From the beginning, focus using only the material needed to meet project requirements. Optimize all processes to assure all available material is used efficiently. Track shipping costs of material and work to reduce these expenditures. Make waste profitable by using the recycled material yourself or selling it to a recycling facility or other manufacturer that can use it.

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