Manufacturing as a Career

Manufacturing as a Career

Manufacturing as a Career

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Admittedly, the early days of manufacturing for workers were ones of hard, dirty work at low pay. However, manufacturing today is not the 1930s. Gone are the days of dirty manufacturing plants with backbreaking labor and poor compensation. Modern manufacturing is an industry focused on technology, automation, safety, and employee satisfaction.

Manufacturing accounts for one-third of the United States economy. For every $1.00 of manufacturing value created in the United States, $3.60 in additional economic activity is generated. A single manufacturing job created in the United States leads to approximately 3.4 non-manufacturing jobs to bring the product to the public.

Additionally, the manufacturing industry has a powerful impact locally and nationally. Neighborhoods that bring in manufacturers receive unexpected benefits from providing jobs, real estate development, and population growth.

Today, manufacturing boundaries are continually being pushed, creating new opportunities and tasks for employees. Career advancement is commonplace, and many companies have programs to help employees grow professionally.

More than ever, manufacturers are seeking workers at every level offering job seekers more opportunity. Industrial technology, such as robotics, offer the chance for interesting and fulfilling work. Skilled workers like welders and machinists, always an essential part of the process, are in high demand and will be for years to come. If you enjoy working with your hands, manufacturing offers many opportunities. Choosing to work in the industrial sector, offers a stable career with advancement that employees can take advantage of for the rest of their lives, making manufacturing a sound career choice.

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