The Lean Manufacturing Process

The Lean Manufacturing Process

The Lean Manufacturing Process

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Lean Manufacturing is a continuing process. Any manufacturer implementing its strategies need to understand this from the outset. It requires your company to transform, both in operations and culture. To achieve Lean Manufacturing success, here are some factors to consider on the journey.

Goal Alignment

Be certain to set your Lean Manufacturing goals then align them with your business goals and resources. Without this alignment your combined goals are likely to fail.

Test Processes

The key to successful Lean Manufacturing is openness to experimentation and learning. strategy. When you enable your team to try new processes and to make improvements where identified, your Lean Manufacturing strategy will achieve better results.

Principles First

At first, you follow a set of Lean Manufacturing principles versus a formalized process when implementing the strategy. As you progress through the strategy your procedures will become established while still adhering to the Lean Manufacturing core principles. However, the structure should be scalable to adjust to changes and teachable when bringing new employees on board.

Lean Leadership

To be truly successful, Lean Manufacturing must become the company-wide philosophy. Applying its principles should be second nature to not just management, but your entire workforce.

Continuous Improvement

Lean Manufacturing should become a self-sustaining, self-validating, scaling, and maturing journey that continually improves your business. Often, it starts with experimentation, which leads to refinement, calibration, and organizational acceptance. Even when executed effectively, the Lean Manufacturing journey can require a significant amount of time and effort. However, the end results in efficiency, quality and profitability are usually worth it.

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