2022 Predictions for Manufacturing

2022 Predictions for Manufacturing

2022 Predictions for Manufacturing

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The last few years have presented challenges to the industrial world that have made manufacturers reevaluate the normal way they do business. The following are three of the top 2022 predictions that manufacturers will need to consider:

Supply Chain & Asset Management

From job shops to OEMs, manufacturers are facing the challenge of supply chain management, global competitiveness, inventory, and continued training for employees. To deal with these concerns and remain competitive, manufacturers can implement Asset Operations Management. The goal of Asset Operations Management is to link a manufacturer’s operations and processes, passive and active data, and maintenance to help every employee to have access to the information needed to be optimize performance and efficiency.


Unfortunately, cybercrime is on the increase. For this reason and the connection of physical processes and information technology (IT), cybersecurity is a becoming a more prominent concern for industrialists. Production schedules, intellectual property, and financial information can be at risk during a cyberattack. Cyber criminals can cause devastating financial losses and safety issues by placing supplier networks, processes, and workers at risk. Additionally, regulatory oversight is rising, resulting in manufacturers putting initiatives in place to protect against cyberattacks while improving resiliency if the worst-case scenario happens.

 ESG Investment

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus will be an increasing issue of industry for the foreseeable future. While environmental accountability has been an important issue for years, regulations in this area continue to evolve. Manufacturers will need to be more transparent about ESG initiatives as reporting becomes more and more of a requirement.

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