The Value of a Multi-Service Coating Supplier

The Value of a Multi-Service Coating Supplier

The Value of a Multi-Service Coating Supplier

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The traditional practice of using multiple vendors to perform different services during production is becoming a costly practice with supply chain slowdowns, labor shortages, and material deficiencies. OEMs are finding that to keep the production moving you need a supplier that can act as a single source for multiple services.

For example at Enviro-Tech Coatings, our service offering encompasses the majority of what a manufacturer is looking for in a finishing and coating provider. We provide several painting applications, multiple blast metal finishings, blasting, and reconditioning. These in-house services offer a single source for painting, specialty coatings, and metal finishing services to help OEMs reduce cost and save time.

It is essential when contracting with a single source supplier that you establish the quality they deliver. Without quality services you negate benefits of using one source for multiple services. Be sure the partner supplier you choose has a quality control program. For instance, Enviro-Tech has level one and two NACE Inspectors on staff if required on your project. We also maintain Air Permits and are a fully approved site for blasting and painting.

Of course, there are other considerations when choosing a qualified multi-service vendor. Does the supplier have ability to meet tight deadlines to help in an emergency? Do they approach a project with an attitude of helping to lower costs or improve the project outcome? A “customer first” attitude results in to a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship for both the supplier and customer.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team has the capabilities to meet your every need when it comes to high-quality painting and coating services to various industries. Bring us your metal finishing challenges and we will show you the best types of metal finishes for your projects. Please contact us at 989-495-0000 or visit If you have industrial machinery, we have the metal finishes you need.

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