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Industrial Safety Today

Industrial Safety Today

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In today’s industrial world, manufacturers are facing new and more complex issues. Whether you are a small fabrication shop, Tier 1 supplier, or an OEM, every industrial plant must address safety and security risks. Safety and security protocols protect workers while reducing lost productivity and minimizing financial ramifications. 

Identify the Risk

Risk assessment is the initial step in developing a security and safety program. It enables you to mitigate identified risks and prepare for unexpected emergencies. 

Employee Training

Worker safety is critical to keep crews healthy and on the job during our current labor shortage. When you practice regular employee training in the operation of equipment and technology, it reduces incidents and increases safety, productivity, and quality. 

Ongoing Review and Evaluation

Security technology and safety procedures are continuously updated. You need to review and evaluate safety and security processes to maintain safety and security, as well as profitability. 

Security Integration

Facility security is challenging but is more effective with an integrated approach. When surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and access control are managed from a central control room, personnel can track alerts from different sectors of your facility to increase response time with fewer false alarms.

Vehicle Verification

With the increase of workplace violence, your facility needs to be protected from outside threats more than ever. Putting an automated vehicle verification program in place reduces risk and data manipulation. Because of verification of each vehicle’s approved data at the point of entry and exit, your facility security is more secure.

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