The Importance of The Finishing Process

The Importance of The Finishing Process

The Importance of The Finishing Process

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Finishing is critical for all your painting and metal industrial projects. The finishing process depends on the manufactured part’s material. Whether plastic or metal, you cannot underestimate the importance of the finishing process. The coated manufactured part needs to be finished to make it easier to bond with and to provide more durability.

What Are the Different Processes for Metal Finishing?

The “finishing” process is final application of a manufactured part. It helps the part look and perform as required. Because metal is far more vulnerable to corrosion, its finishing process is more involved than plastics. Depending on the use of the metal piece, more than one finishing process may be applicable. Metal finishing processes include:

• Painting

• Powder Coating

• Glass Beads

• Walnut Shells

• Ceramic Media

Why is Finishing Process Important?

Metal finishing covers a multitude of tasks. A manufacturer may use the process to protect the part, remove sharp edges, clean-up corners, and dressing welds. The process can smooth out imperfections, creating a seamless, glossy surface to the manufactured part. It’s critical to remember that different materials, and ultimate use, may require different finishing processes. Stainless steel, for instance, polishes well and it’s relatively easy to grind welds and other imperfections compared to some other metals. Aluminum, for example, polishes to a high shine, but is too ductile to grind. It is important to note that most metals will oxidize quickly. There are many reasons for industrial metal finishing. Some of the purposes it serves include:

  • Reducing corrosion
  • Making a surface electrically conductive
  • Serving as a primer coat to promote paint cohesion
  • Improving the overall appearance of a part
  • Increasing wear resistance
  • Enhancing chemical resistance
  • Cleaning, polishing, and removing surface defects

The finishing process is just one way we make your manufactured parts look their best. 

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