What Are the Different Types of Metal Finishes?

What Are the Different Types of Metal Finishes?

What Are the Different Types of Metal Finishes?

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Metal finishing is used when treating the surface of any metal product. In fact, the process isn’t over until some metal finish has been applied. There are several types of metal finishes, all of which have a different purpose. Metal finishing can add durability to your product or equipment. At the same time, other finishes are purely cosmetic with the sole purpose of adding color or texture. Whichever process you choose, it will depend on your preferences, but keep in mind there are costs and process speeds to consider. If you are wondering which types of metal finishes you should be using, following are several:

Liquid Painting

For your purposes, industrial paint provides a hard coating to all your metal tools and equipment. Paint is not as durable as other metal finishing types but offers all surfaces protection from damage and corrosion. Our painting services include epoxy and fusion bonded epoxies, urethane, zinc, specialty coatings and linings, and rustproofing. We supply original equipment manufacturers with a wide range of finished equipment and parts, including tanks, metal parts, pipe and fittings, casting and metal fabrications.

Sand Blasting

This process is also known as bead blasting because of its use of sand, metal pellets, and other abrasives against the surface of a product. You end up with a smooth, uniform texture with a matte finish perfect for applying either a liquid or powder coating. Our metal finishing services include walnut shells, glass beads, and ceramic media finished services. Our sand blasting metal finishing services are used for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum fabrications. You can expect them to see heavy use in the food and beverage industry.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finish very similar to paint, yet it is more durable and offers more protection. With powder coating, a spray is used on equipment or tools using a dry plastic pigmented powder. Then high heat is applied to melt and adhere the coating directly onto the metal surface. Powder coating can be glossy or texturized. It frequently covers up surface defects for a smoother finish overall. We can apply a high-quality, protective and decorative coating on all metals found in industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

EnviroTech Coatings provides superior coating, painting and metal finishing services to a wide variety of industries. We always give you top quality and deliver the industry’s best service to all our customers. Since 2000, Enviro-Tech Coatings has been delivering high-quality painting and coating services to various industries. We maintain Air Permits and are a fully approved site for blasting and painting. Bring us your metal finishing challenges and we will show you the best types of metal finishes for your projects. Please contact us at 989-495-0000 or visit enviro-tech-coatings.com. If you have industrial machinery, we have the metal finishes you need.

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