Maintaining a Safe and Secure Manufacturing Facility

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Manufacturing Facility

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Manufacturing Facility

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Industrial plants and processes inherently have apparent and hidden safety and security risks. Maintaining a safe working environment is essential to avoid financial costs, as well as the loss of trained workers and decreased productivity. The following are ways to ensure safety is at the forefront of your operations.

Follow an Integrated Approach

Even a well-defined security procedure will not be fully-effective unless you practice an integrated approach. All of your surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and access control need to be coordinated through a central control room. This approach will allow operators to track all security alerts from different sectors of your facility. Because of this simple technique, you will benefit from quicker response time, efficient monitoring, less false alarms, and more situational awareness.

Automated Verification of Vehicles

Enacting an automated vehicle verification program at the entrance and exit will reduce risk and erroneous data manipulation. By entering approved data into the system, such as driver’s name, license plate number, company name, and contact number, you increase security by validating the entry and exit of each vehicle.

Offer Regular Training to the Workers

All line workers should be fully trained in the proper operation of equipment and technology in the manufacturing process. This practice will not only increase productivity and quality, but also help in to identifying potential risks and determine ways to reduce consequences. 

Continuous Evaluation of the Plant

As technology, security procedures, and process management evolve, your facility must be monitored to reviewed on a regular basis. This evaluation will help to improve profitability, safety, and security as you keep current with best practices.

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