OSHA and the industrial painting industry

OSHA and the industrial painting industry

OSHA and the industrial painting industry

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Industrial paints consist of molecules, particles, and chemicals used in the finished applications on equipment. Commonly present in these mixtures are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) prone to igniting and posing severe hazards for employees and surroundings. Therefore, both federal and state departments regulate usage to prevent hazardous situations. It is mandatory for any and all companies that conduct industrial painting to comply with the outlined regulations. Failure to do so will result in hefty penalties and fines. In this article, we will discuss the authority administrating the rules and the benefits or the laws.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States. OSHA was created by the approval of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970. The main agenda of OSHA is to reinforce a safe and healthy workplace atmosphere, via setting policies and rules for businesses and industrial manufacturers for the benefit of employees and the masses. To ensure the rules are applied and administered diligently, the regulations are regularly updated and revised.

As the primary federal safety agency, OSHA is responsible and accountable for administering and implementing the standards and regulations regarding all painting and spraying services. State governments are not bound or restricted by these laws. States can pass their own laws which fall into line with OSHA, or they can create new and more rigorous policies within their jurisdiction.

The benefits of regulations and standards

Federal and state regulations are primarily set for the safety of employees and the general public. By adhering to these regulations, responsible suppliers offer significant benefits to their employee and customers, as well as the company itself. Suppliers that emphasize employee health and safety have a higher production and success rate. Consequently, fewer accidents equate to a reduction in legal claims or worker compensation. This practice is also crucial for building a positive brand image. 

Enviro-Tech adheres to all safety standards and regulations to maintain a safe working environment and meet the standards required by our customers. We maintain Air Permits and are a fully approved site for blasting and painting.

Our services include painting, specialty coatings, and metal finishing services to a wide range of industries. If you would like a bid on a project, please contact us at 989-495-0000 or visit enviro-tech-coatings.com.

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